Male, age Unknown (looks 20), 6’-2”, 260 lbs
Long black hair, heavily muscular build, normally wearing jumpsuits/fatigues and boots. Usually grimy,scruffy.
Mild case of Tourette’s → indicator of poor genetics

STR 2 AGL 0(-1) FGT 1(-2) AWA 3(-2)
STA 2 DEX 4(-3) INT 2(-1) PRE -2(-1)

*Values in parentheses are modifiers due to certain complications, permanent or temporary. These are not the final values. e.g. DEX 4(-3) means that the character has a current DEX of 1.

Favored Weapons:
Laundry Hamper

Seeking Normalcy,
One Armed, (-3 Dex, -2 Fgt, -1 Pre)
Doped up on Morphine (-2 Awa, -1 Int, -1 Agl)

Possible Future Complications: Enemy, Guilt, Recurring Flashbacks

Special Abilities: Ingenuity, Intuition
Tool Belt (Screwdriver, Hammer, etc.)

Jack-of-All Trades,
Improvised Weapon,
Improvised Tools,
Benefit: MAMMON Security Clearance Level 1
Dual Wield
Assessment: Swamp Wildlife
Favored Foe: Swamp Wildlife
Favored Environment: Swamp Environment
Beginner’s Luck
Ultimate Effort: Skills
Equipment 1
Improved Initiative 2
Seize Initiative


Waking up 3 years ago in a rainy alleyway, Lei found himself lost, and with no memory to speak of. It was perfect that he came to consciousness near University-12. Scrounging around the city, he met Jordan, the “head professor” of University-12’s outcast program (University-12[O]). Soon, he got a place to live in, food in his belly, and a job repairing University-12’s abandoned buildings. Lei had a decent meal once a day at the Chunks Cafeteria, University-12[O]’s descendant of the Soup Kitchen. He would then go through the chunks of metal around the city to be used to hold up the crumbling buildings. But, University-12[O] has been overrun by nature. He has learned to make weapons of pipes, shovels and trash can lids. Bordering weapon smithing, he has built ingenious weapons from metal spikes and wads for his daily rounds against reptilian equines, wolves, or coyotes. He would single-handedly attempt to rebuild a room for use. On free days, he goes to the books piled up from the old library. He would attempt to learn things from what he believed were influential writers before his time, like Sun Tzu, Martha Stewart and Garfield the Cat. Along with this, he had the classes that were free for everyone, taught by the underground faculty of University-12[O]. This has been his routine for months and months. Worries about his past have been thrown to the back-burner.

His ingenuity and resourcefulness, not to mention his physical endurance and strength suspiciously got the attention of TNDLPSUGNOL-XII’s main staff and was asked to be hired for still no salary, food, shelter and medical benefits. Head professor Jordan urged Lei to take the opportunity. Albeit, meaning a lack of education, the new occupation would mean better food, better access to newer technology, and a means to escape poverty. (How this comes to be from not having a salary has been a confusing notion to Lei.)

Hired by TNDLPSUGNOL-XII, he maintains the cleanliness and security of the Central Spire. To uphold this security, he would sometimes be sent on solo missions to obliterate nests of reptilian equines and giant insects, using limited explosives and close-range weapons. Firearms were never offered to him. More and more, these missions have been more ridiculous than the last. Not ridiculous laughable, but more of ridiculous impossible/suicide mission.

Funnily, more tasks were asked of him when one day the university’s head chef was “out sick.” Students grumbling he made a small meal that was topnotch and exquisite. According to one student, it was “remarkable.” Hearing of this, he was assigned with the additional position of short order chef of the dormitories. After that, one by one, the chores piled up until he became the personal assistant of all the snooty students. He soon turned this disadvantage into an opportunity to improve his situation. Some of the students soon learned to barter the quality of his services for “friendship,” knowledge, and even material things such as clothes, building/motor parts and weapons. After a year of learning from these students, Lei was soon at a level where he even offered to tutor students or do their work for more delicate facts. He was able to learn about high-end etiquette, social stature, bomb creation and dismantling, and even connections within Mammon Industries.

September 10th of the previous year, Lei finds out that Jordan has been abducted. The following day a large group of students charged the Twin Entrances of the Central Spire leading to a massacre of 157 people by the gates. Lei was ordered to leave the destruction alone, as an intimidating device for future protests. That same week, while cleaning the basement of the Central Spire, Lei was attacked by an unknown creature after hearing an explosion below him. Grappling with the creature, he was knocked out by tranquilizer darts from an unknown assailant. He wakes up finding a swatch of Jordan’s favorite shirt, a dart with the Mammon Industries seal, and muddy footprints to clean up.

Lei keeps the evidence to himself and awaits for the chance to see what lies below the Central Spire. Was Jordan the creature that attacked him, or the unknown assailant? Looking for answers, Lei quits his job and joins the resistance. He was assigned as a surveillance man doubling as the head chef of the Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant fronting one of their safe houses. Barely a week into the job, his adventure starts.

Personality: Lei is at a constant dilemma with himself. His Curiosity (about his Unknown Past, about the whereabouts of Jordan, of the attack the week of September 11th, of the levels below the Central Spire, and of the state of the outside world) is so close to outweighing his Seeking Normalcy. In all that he does, he wants to do things the Right Way (which though doesn’t necessarily mean the Good Way). He learns quickly, and retains knowledge well. He has learned how to manipulate weapons, materials for weapons, and minimal technology. Though when combined with an exact type of system, he has enough skills to hack Level 2 Firewalls (used in public records or in HR departments). He has no money but has a well refurbished home, inspired by Martha Stewart’s tastes. Inspired by dear Martha, he has also learned various recipes, tips around the home, and also how to carve beautiful furniture.

Future Power(s):
Advanced Intuition
Remote Sensing
Entropy Manipulation
Energy Manipulation


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