Lion and Dragon - Rebel Yell


The story starts with this scene:

It was night. A hole in the wall Chinese place, Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant, survived the 200 years of fall and rise of the economy, and of the once great Western Civilization. This humble and fragile institution fronted a safe house for the Resistance: a franchise fighting for the disenfranchised masses.

Four people were seated inside. An old man sat in the corner slurping his egg drop soup. One of our heroes, Stryker, sits in the corner <insert> in his trench coat doing <insert>. Emilie was sharpening her dagger in the corner. Zut, our resident psychic, was <insert>. And, Lei was back in the kitchen filling orders and keeping surveillance for the secret back room.

Out of nowhere, the leader of the resistance, Connor, walked into the restaurant bleeding from bullet wounds on his torso. Stryker, Emilie, and Zut rush to his aid. (Lei, by sheer lack of empathy, didn’t care and just keeps on cooking at the back.)

Connor says: “We were ambushed and pursued by Mammon. All of our top operatives, our sponsors, gone in a day. Mammon must’ve been watching us and planning this shakedown for a long time. As far as I know, you are the only ones left.”

Connor grabs his side in pain, and tries to continue on.
“If you are listening to this, if you are here, you ARE the resistance. You’re all that’s left of this organization.

We have no choice now other than to take the fight straight to Mammon. Take what you have and fall back to the HQ. I have set a back-up plan in my office. Follow the clues. Stay alive. And, hurry." Connor coughs blood and collapses.

Zut cries out: “Wait! What clues are we looking for? Connor? Connor?!”

A moment of silence.

Emilie: “So, where do we keep the body? I mean we can’t just have him here in plain sight?”
Zut: “Maybe just throw him in the dumpster in the back?”
Stryker: “You see you don’t do that sort of thing? It’s just plain amateur.”
Zut: “Well maybe we can..”
Zut and Emilie stare at Lei, who catches their eyes.
Lei replies “No, I ain’t making Sweet and Sour Pork with Connor as meat. It’s too much work and too much time.”
Stryker sighs. He says “No you can’t do that either. We don’t have the right stuff to cut up a body.”
The group of three up front continue arguing when out of nowhere Lei just picks up Connor’s body and brings it back to the meat locker. He comes back out front with a mop and says “There. Problem solved.” Connor’s blood was mopped up.

Moments later, sirens wailed and armored trucks pull up in front of the restaurant. Half a dozen men rush out with rifles and riot gear, shouting “This is the SWAT. We know you’re in there, Connor. Come out with your hands up!”
Our heroes were caught off guard. They caught their wits and consensually decided to pretend to be diners at the restaurant. Lei the cook, was out of the loop, not hearing the warning over the clanking of pans in the kitchen.

SWAT: “We know that you are harboring members of the Resistance! All civilians are to be questioned and detained! Come out with your hands up!”

It seemed that the group is cornered. Time is running out. Were they going to rush the heavily armed SWAT squad outside? Is surrender their only means of survival? Zut didn’t think so.
Zut mentally contacted Lei in the back: “The SWAT are outside and are heavily armed. Prepare to escape.”
To which, Lei shouts the key phrase: “Kung Pao Chicken Extra EXTRA Spicy” to warn those in the secret back room.

Zut then mentally orders the old man to leave the restaurant. By sheer luck, the old man complied fully without need of further instruction.
The old man rambles: “I don’t know what’s happening but I’m having none of it! I just came here for some soup, I tell ya! I don’t know what…” This buys the team at most 5 minutes.

Then, Zut scans the back alley for enemies. A lone SWAT member guards the door, taking cover behind the dumpster. Informing the team, Emilie says “We can take him. Let’s get outta here!” They run to the back and plan the escape, filling Lei in with the details on the way.


Lei exits the back door carrying a trash bag.

The lone SWAT officer points his MP5 at the oblivious cook and orders him to freeze and put his hands in the air.

Lei feints a Chinese accent, shouting “Kung Pao Chicken! Kung Pao Chicken!” and shields his face using he trash bag.

Emilie takes her turn. She aims to sidestep through the doorway and throw her favorite dagger to the SWAT’s neck. As if fate was willing to make things worse, Emilie trips on her own feet and throws the dagger directly at Lei’s left buttock. The SWAT officer could do nothing but laugh at the situation.

In pain and embarrassed, Lei hits the SWAT officer with the trash bag (for no damage) and drops to the ground to avoid he crossfire. On the way down, he unluckily hits his shoulder on the pavement.

With the SWAT office distracted, Stryker coolly rolls out of the doorway and throws shuriken at his neck. His aim is true and strong that blood gushes from the poor officer’s jugular and kill him. The blood drenches poor Lei, who is then topped by the officer’s cadaver.

Zut loots the cadaver, looking for a radio, while Lei tries to stand up. Unfortunately, the cadaver’s armor proves too heavy for the cook. Emilie searches the body as well. She finds some flash grenades and a set of keys, but no radio.
Stryker grabs the officer’s MP5 and some clips.

Zut, finally taking pity on Lei, helps him up first to his knees, then to his feet. Emilie finally finds the elusive radio, but too late. The other SWAT members radio in: “What’s going on back there?!,” waiting for a reply that they probably won’t receive. The group needs to escape soon. But how?


“Before we rush out of here, don’t forget to grab the riot gear, the phone, the police baton and the wallet,” Lei mused.

As Stryker picked up the loot, out of nowhere, tires screech from the other end of the alleyway. The side door swings open.

“Should we trust these guys?,” chimed Zut.

Before any answer could be said, three SWAT officers arrive behind the party. “Halt! Who goes there?!”

The party decides to run toward the van, realizing that with an injured comrade, chances of fighting them off are slim. Halfway to the van, shots were fired and everyone ducked. The unknown passenger of the mysterious van has just killed the SWAT assailants with perfectly aimed sniper shots.

The party rushes in the van. The driver slams on the gas pedal. Unfortunately, she forgot to take the vehicle off of reverse. Instead of a quiet getaway, the van rams into a bunch of trash cans conveniently placed behind the van. CRASSHHH clank clink ring-ring-ring-ringggggg…

The passenger and the driver switch places and they drive off.

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